A Black Womans Promise

A Black Womans Promise: A response to A Black Man’s Promise

If I am to be the martyr for the cause, fighting the unjustified social prejudices and discrimination to understand the footsteps you’ve walked in, so be it.

If I am to be sent to a place where YOU my proud black kind lay your head on a yearly basis and suffer for no other reason but the color of your skin, so be it. 

We are not animals, YOU are not an animal. Our forefathers worked, marched, fought and died for us to be here right now; in this time, in this place to have a voice that will be heard.

I have worked hard to have the same life they live. I have shown my children that we will overcome.

They will look back at this day in remembrance of our fight for equality and stand proud in our names.

We might bend to their will, we will not break. They might beat on our body, but they will not harm our spirit. We have the army of men and women who came before us at our side, this too shall pass.

We will not walk not walk softly into doom, we will march proudly into battle, head and swords held high. All of them will feel our presence for we are kings and queens of mankind and when the last of them fall we will show no mercy.

We will reclaim what has been taken, we will show them what is ours and we will rule once more.

By Terrie Patterson

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