A Year In The Life

The year has come and gone, much has been learned in the past 12 months and I’ve grown tremendously. This is the birthday of dearblackamerica.com and I’m thankful to all the readers and supporters of this social experiment of mine. I had set out to shine light and bring attention to injustices wherever I saw them from my limited vantage point, although I may have accomplished parts of this the unforeseen accomplishment was in my own personal growth.

I must admit that seeing my thoughts expressed in front of the world is a scary and validating thing. It’s a nakedness that is both embarrassing and intimate at the same time. Kind of like the first time with a new lover, when you feel the shyness of butterflies in your stomach, but a full year has passed and we are no longer new lovers, the butterflies have flown and this year I  plan to fully attack the issues of this generation head on. No more testing the waters, I’m diving in head first.

This is a time fraught with headlines that the socially conscious are alarmed and enraged about and I feel it is my duty to highlight these issues. Donald Trump, North Koreas nuclear provocation, racism, police involved shootings of black men, the alarming number of missing black women and girls, and many many more.

This year I plan to take the mask and gloves off revealing the true passion of Khalifah Alan and it is my deepest desire to provoke change in the world somewhere, to motivate positive action, and to inspire.

So if you enjoyed what you’ve read here in the last 12 months, strap yourself in for a full dose of truth Dear Black America style. we are only as  strong as our weakest link and we are only as informed as the generation after ours. I want this to be an active forum for engagement of the youth and expression of ideas.

Please send me questions, thoughts, advice, topics , anything to provoke social commentary. Let Dear Black America be a meeting place for all socially conscious minds.

I want to thank all the people who made this site possible specifically my best friend Kylie Simao who took her time to personally see to it my thoughts were aired to the world, thank you Kylie or all you’ve done.

Stay tuned to this station I’m just getting rolling and I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you,

Khalif Alan

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