About Khalifah Alan

Khalif AlanKhalifah Alan is a 39 year old black poet, aspiring writer and a passionate advocate for change. He is also a convicted felon who is currently incarcerated. It is from this unique vantage point that he offers his own experience, insight and wisdom on the social issues that impact this country and specifically it’s black population.

Driven by a karmic debt and a lifetime of being part of the problem, Mr. Alan has decided to speak out bringing a message of knowledge and change. Amidst the ranks of societies failures it is clear to him exactly where society has fallen short, and given the condition of this culture, the time is ripe for a fresh perspective. At times his verbiage is coarse and emotional, the topics are both sensitive and controversial, but with no apologies he gives you a real voice from the belly of a failed system.

With influences of respected black leaders; Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King Jr., Bob Marley and various others, he brings forth an impassioned message to black men in America, “Evolve, become the real men that our mothers, wives and children need.”

Viewing the strife that plagues our community from his own daily battlefield, his chief aim is to inspire conversation, enlighten and incite change.

This website has been made possible by Mr. Alan’s friends and supporters.