Be Humble or Be Humbled

Your level of consciousness will decide the depth of your experience on this planet. Only those who are awake, aware and truly conscious will recognize the universal lessons here. These consistent truths that reveal themselves throughout our lives silently govern our realities. Yes, there are many universal laws but today,  i only want to speak of one.

Universal rule #9: be humble or be humbled.

Eastern philosophy, the Bible, the Quran and all books of human wisdom have some form of this rule. All of them recognize that there is a force in the universe that will make the impatient person patient, the angry person calm, and the cocky man humble.

I am a confident person, I’ve always believed in my intellect and physical prowess and rarely do i shy away from a challenge. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with personal confidence but when you slide into the realm of cockiness you are in danger of falling victim to this unwritten universal principal.

Here’s a true story of how I came to be reminded of it

So there I was, working out, sweat drenched muscle shirt clinging to my body as a testament to the level of my intensity.  Men around the world would deny this, but the truth is, we all secretly steal glances of each others triceps or biceps in the gym. I’ve done it & you’ve done it so, moving right along…  I’m working out and noticing a couple approving nods from friends & I decide to show out a little. I raised the weight and changed the exercise to something i’m not used to, strictly for show. I’m feeling great and casually flipping from confident to cocky, holding the bar behind my neck (which you should never do by the way) I began to press and around rep 15 a sharp pain shot through my neck resulting in a pinched nerve and numbness down my left side. Needless to say there won’t be any sweaty muscle shirts for me for a while. My workout has been curbed until i heal but this small example of this universal law has helped me to understand to be humble or to be humbled.

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