Dear Black America

 Dear Black America
Dear Black America,

I can see you, your anger and confusion hiding the real panic thats griping you. I am you… Here, caged in my shame and using violence to express my pain as a way of life.  I know this battle…

There are things that I need to say and there are are truths amongst us that need to be illuminated. And if its the darkest before the dawn, then we as a people, should be preparing ourselves for the first light of the new day; because we are assuredly in our darkest hour.

And unlike the challenges that have faced us throughout our history in this country, this darkness is completely self imposed. Our past is also marked by the voices of visionary men who stood at the necessary times and led, virtually carrying the hopes and dreams of the nation on their backs. What would Martin say of what we’ve become? Or Malcom to our clearly destructive culture?

These great black leaders of our past would turn in their graves.  Their bullet riddled bodies, long decayed, would once again bleed with the agonizing and realization that they had sacrificed themselves to the gun of assassins, only for us to lay down in our own ignorance and become the biggest threat to our own survival.

Fatherless families, leaderless communities, drug abuse, crime, mass incarceration. From genocide to fratricide, where are we going?  Centuries of injustice-fueled anger, turned self loathing is killing us and there is only one answer. A unified movement declaring in one voice NO MORE!

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  1. Kendra

    I am truly admired by your outlook of our world and the invisible existence of our plp. I am so into my history and this has just become so much important to me that the kids of our future are fully aware of who they are and where they come from. Once that’s understood they would learn to know where their going…. Khalifa ur my inspiration. U have my full support. Black power✊


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