Find Your Genius

If you’ve stumbled through life head strong and eyes closed as i have, then there is no doubt your battles have been hard fought and uphill. But, you may have realized that once the smoke cleared you were left with a stoked and glowing, ember of wisdom. No, not the towering inferno that your scars may reflect, but just a spark, an awakening of something that with patience and persistence will grow to light your world. Life is a journey and when you learn the lessons you earn the knowledge.

Today, my travels have led me to finding my genius. I believe that we all have a genius inside. Some specific gift, ability, or power, a god given talent that we must uncover to truly live life and experience fulfillment. Much as our stumbling through life restless,unfocused and without direction is due to not realizing the genius that lives within.

The first step to finding that genius is self honesty. Too many people, myself included have lost themselves in pursuit of things that are not their genius. Everybody isn’t an NBA or NFL star, everybody isn’t a rap legend, or the next big thing to come out of Hollywood; and in my case I sucked as a criminal. My current address is proof of that. All I did was waste a lot of time and life but now i know what is NOT my genius so I am closer to finding what IS my genius.

You have to be honest with yourself about your skill set, your passion and your strengths to find exactly what it is that makes you unique. Look at yourself and make note of how many times you were told about your green thumb or your great cooking or whatever it is that makes you who you are and when you live your uniqueness and contribute your gift to the quilt of humanity that is mankind; you have added to it and in doing so you have found your genius.

Find the true you, live that to its fullest, and find your genius….

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