Repeat with lining, sewing only the bottom seam. Reply. Press seams open. Zipper Wallet DIY. . ... 26 comments on How To Make a Bag with a Zipper Sewing Tutorial Here's a quick and easy sewing project. Today Ive got both a written and video tutorial for you, so either way you prefer to learn, weve got it covered! Straps: ... Now place right sides of exterior fabric together and sew only the bottom seam. This method is similar to making double-fold bias tape or bag straps. Stitch on top of each zipper tab, 1/8 away from the edge closest to the zipper tape. Now you have the beginning of your purse. It's a bit fiddly to open if you try to slide the zipper without holding the bag side. Think first aid kit! Place the right side of a lining piece on the zipper, sandwiching the zipper between the fabrics and sew the lining to the fabric with a 1/4" seam allowance. I love the look of this bag but would like a pattern I could sew a zipper into. The Boho Sling Bag seems fairly popular among novice sewers. To sew on the second zipper tab (on the opposite end) youll want to note the final length that your zipper piece should be for your bag (equal to the width of your lining and exterior zipper pouch fabric pieces). Repeat for the 8. Turn bag right side out. Awesome paisley dee ring bag tutorial! As in the usual lined zipper pouch methods, put your exterior fabric right sides together on one side and your lining right sides together on the other. Now repeat these steps for the other side. So sew as close to the zipper as you can without sewing through it. So now your fabric will be wrong sides together as it is pinned to the zipper. Learn how to sew a crossbody purse with a zipper - and with pockets, too! Press open. ... Sew the bag lining. Fold Exterior up towards the opposite edge of the zipper, so that they are right sides together. A simple sewing project, perfect for a beginner sewer or someone with a stash of great fabrics! Then sowed that to piece of fabric, and another piece of fabric to make the bag, with a zipper between the 2 outer pieces. Easy zipper insertion technique. I use mine to keep fabric, thread, pattern and zipper together for planned projects, but these are good for lots of things. Step 5. Customer Reviews for Learn to Sew a Designer Crossbody Bag: Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Theres a drawcord top plus two exterior zippered pockets, ... We call this our Summer Sling Bag, but you are allowed to use it at any time during the year. Outcome is a zippered bag with 2 compartments, one of which is padded. Free Directions for a Tote Bag With A Zipper Closure. In same manner ... 15. Messenger Bag Tutorial: Straps, Piping, Zipper Pouch Find all tutorial links here. sew, quilt, knit and crochet fun gifts all-year-round! Sew starting at the lining bottom. Go around the side, across the zipper, along each side of the exterior, across the zipper again and back to the lining. Sew a durable zippered bag with boxed corners for Dad or other special guy. Here's a look at how the bag looks with the zipper opening complete. Difficulty: 3/5. Using these pro tips you can sew tote bag for you or for sale. This small zippered pouch pattern is a ... zipper bag. Do this to both sides of the zipper. 81 Responses to Boho Sling Bag Tutorial. This tutorial helps you make a women's bag with zipper and two straps.