Happy New Year

In the spirit of giving, gifting and regifting this holiday season. I want  to remind you of a gift you may have overlooked…

Here we are once again, drawing another year to a close and filled with mixed emotions and hopes of the year to come. This is the time that most of us reflect on the past 12 months, evaluating our accomplishments as well as our failures. But we also look forward into the coming year and envision what will be made of it.

Our capacity for retrospect and this uncanny talent for creative foresight are truly the gifts that allow us the freedom to collect wisdom and use it to direct the future as we wish. This magic, when applied, gives us  an almost divine power over the world around us. The keywords in that sentence are “when applied”. We all have these gifts but we don’t always use them.

It’s like that one Christmas present that you unwrap exclaiming “Oh wow, thank you” then tuck away never to full enjoy. Well this year, I’m regifting them to you. I’m asking you to dig those things out, dust them off and apply that force to your 2018 year. We all have these dusty unexplored gifts, every hour of every day of every year and for me personally it’s this time, approaching the new year, that awakens the reality of this in me.

As I gaze patiently into the endless pool of time I observe the single drip that was 2017 landing and dissipating into memory.  It leaves only ripples, momentarily obscuring my view before settling into calmness in preparation for 2018.

On it’s surface I notice all that has happened. I laugh at the humorous moments and cry over the sad ones, but most importantly, I see where I need to make improvements. Maybe I didn’t write as much as I should have. Maybe I needed to read more. Maybe my diet and exercise suffered or possibly I didn’t give enough attention and affection to my family and loved ones. Whatever my shortfalls were in 2017 I’ve been given a new slate to correct them. No one can overstate how priceless this gift is, it is essentially a second chance at your life. So this holiday season and new year count your blessings, shower your friends and family with love and use your collected wisdom to foresee the future of your dreams.

“You only live once, love fiercely and fear nothing.” – Khalifah

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