Interracial Dating in Black America

I recently heard Dr. Umar Johnson speaking on the topic of interracial relationships and his belief that this directly conflicts with the idea of being pro-black. The man spoke with conviction, passionately professing that a black man who marries or dates outside his race cannot be pro-black. This concept troubled me  and after some searching, I noticed he was not alone in his opinion. I found others who called the notion of being a pro-black man who dates outside of his race an oxymoron. These assertions left me feeling as if my personal beliefs were being challenged directly.

NEWS FLASH!! I am a pro-black man who has been in relationships with women of all races and I make no apologies to anyone for that. In fact, I sincerely believe a romantic relationship or plutonic friendship should never be decided on the basis of race alone. But I must admit, Mr. Umar Johnson and those who subscribe to his ideology made some valid points in their argument.

They basically supported this position by suggesting that, the confidence and integrity of the black family is essential to the growth and development of the black community and this begins with reuniting the black man and the black woman OR that black men need to once again assume the roles of provider, protector and father for so many of our struggling black families. These are extremely valid points that deserve serious contemplation and evaluation. How could any black man attempt to argue against such solid facts as these?

Well for starters, I’d never argue against that. I’d only seek to explore this provocative issue and clarify my personal experience. I do not wish to invalidate Mr. Umar Johnsons opinion, I only wish to validate my own. The idea that there is a school of thought which questions the sincerity of my own pro-blackness and devotion to the black agenda was quite unsettling to me as you can imagine.

So I went and searched for the definition of the term pro-black. Being pro-black means to be concerned with the growth, development and furtherance of the black agenda. No where in that definition does it reference the race of the woman you date, love, or marry and I would challenge Mr Umar Johnson with a question.

What of gay black men who are concerned with the growth, development and furtherance of the black agenda? Are these men not pro-black? OR What of the white men and women who are concerned with the growth, development and furtherance of the black agenda? Are they not pro-black? There was a white woman who was killer last year in Charlottesville west Virginia. Her name was Heather Heyer and she was murdered by a white supremacist at the unite the right rally where she stood as an anti protestor in defense of justice and equality . This woman gave her life for the furtherance of the black agenda. I wonder if Mr Johnson will exclude her from the category of being pro-black too. No, not at all.

All of the above examples are very much pro-black people. Denouncing interracial relationships in 2018 is completely insane, illogical and still carries with it the subtle odor of racism itself; even IF a black man who calls himself a doctor says it… White people have long preached against race mixing to maintain the purity of their Arian heritage and we can clearly see this as a racist ideology and although I wouldn’t accuse Mr. Umar Johnson of this extreme, it is awfully familiar.

It’s a divisive method of separation which perpetuates the idea of us against them creating more problems than it solves. Today there are more mixed race relationships and mixed race children born in America than ever before. We are evolving into a race of beautiful brown skinned people and less and less importance is being placed on the origins of the melanin that you possess. It is time that we too evolve in our hearts and stop stigmatizing people for the color of their skin OR the color of the skin of those they love. Because at the end of the day a half black child is still the child of Black America.

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  1. Derrick lewis

    Damn you said a mouth full for real lmao Dr Umar Johnson has a few good points but overall it’s hate he’s spreading it doesn’t help in the fashion of how he’s doing it not to mention Fredrick Douglas had a white woman I say if she makes you happy she can be green or black or red or Orange who cares people think we’re living in 1960’s those days are over racism is more hidden then ever yes it still exists for sure it’s not in your face anymore it’s hidden you can tell if you got any common sense it’s still here but we have to become better then what was shown to us and improve the human race , there’s an old joke that goes the reason why no other Aliens would land on earth because there also looking for intelligent life forms and they can’t see us as intelligent because we never more forward to say this much if we live life worrying and repeating the past we will never. I’ve forward
    It’s sort of like if you are walking forward why are you looking behind yourself your going to trip and fall is my point.

    1. Khalifah Alan Post author

      Great points,the world is changing, we are evolving and it starts with updating our consciousness. Breaking thought patterns of the past is essential to progress


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