“No matter how strait the gate or how charged with punishment the scroll, I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.”   – An excerpt from Invictus, a Poem by William Ernest Henley

Imagine you find yourself sitting at a crossroad in the middle of the desert. You are alone, sitting on an empty gas can and waiting for someone to come along and rescue you. “God, it’s hot.” The sun is beating down the back of your neck. You lick your dry lips and ask yourself, “How did I get here? How did I end up in this place?”

Well, naturally you backtrack through your thoughts, tracing the order of events that lead up to this debauckle. “Well let me see. First off, my parole officer screwed me. Then my brother showed up late, my girlfriend’s always trippin and my friends are all so fake.”

Does this sound like your life? Have you ever felt that you could be more successful if all of these different people would just get out of the way? Or have you ever felt that every time you’re on the verge of success someone or something always comes along and ruins it for you?

Well that’s how you’re feeling. That’s the exact emotion I want you to embody as you are sitting stranded at this crossroad in the desert. You’re looking around for signs of life and all you see is a lizard scurry through the dust, “where is he going so fast?” probably in a rush to go nowhere. Then, you have to ask yourself, “Where am I going?” Slowly, going nowhere.

But somehow you are content.  No, you’re not happy. But you are content where you are. How are you content? Why are you content? I will tell you why.

You are content because you are free, free from the responsibility for your own life because you’ve blamed someone else for your circumstances. When we do this, we make our future success someone else’s responsibility as if it’s their burden. By blaming, we voluntarily make someone else the masters of our fate and captains of our soul. We’ve traded these jobs for a fist full of excuses and a duffle bag of broken dreams. All of which were sacrificed, along with your power, to the god of “only ifs”. Only if i’d had a better childhood. Only if my brother would’ve been on time. Only if my woman would stop trippin.

Look, I’m here to tell you something. As long as you worship at the altar of “only ifs” you will never achieve anything. Throughout my life I have made many excuses and then had to explain those excuses all the while hoping that the world would would excuse my explanations. But the truth is, we are stuck at this crossroad in our lives because we are in fact, the masters of our fate. We create our circumstances, every thought, every word, every action, even the food we eat all contributes to our level of success.

The idea is to become conscious of all these contributing factors and then become responsible for these factors. You see, the key is in responsibility. Everyone wants power, power over their future, power over their finances, power over their lives; but you need to understand that power and responsibility go hand in hand. They are one in the same. You cannot have power without responsibility. There is a double edged sword at work here.

You are solely responsible for creating your success but you are also solely responsible for your failures. You should have seen your parole officer. You should have had your own ride. Your girl would not trip if you took care of your children. You see, the common denominator in all of your wins or your losses is always you. You are driving this thing whether you like it or not and for too long we have all lived beneath our potential and justified it by blaming others. It’s his fault or it’s her fault or it’s my bosses fault. When we should take responsibility for all of our mistakes because when we take responsibility for our mistakes we take back our power and when we take back our power we can take back our lives.

I want you all to be the masters of your fate, be the captains of your soul. Stop sitting on your can and waiting for someone to happen by and save you. Stop watching that lizard run by and wondering where he’s going or what he’s doing and start taking responsibility for your success. Fight for your life while it’s still your job because one day, it won’t be.

We are all that guy, we are all stranded at a crossroad in our lives but it is times like these that we realize we are in charge of giving our lives purpose and direction. No one will do this for us we are the saviours that we are waiting for. Now I’m sure some of you will ignore this message and choose to take no action at all but you must understand that non action is also an action. By not choosing a direction and purpose for your life you have chosen to have a life without direction or purpose.

Now I challenge you all to stand up, pick a destination for your life, a solid target. Step into that drivers seat, strap on the responsibility and power into your future. We are all invincible.

God speed, god bless and thank you.


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