Love Animal

His instincts have carried him through the perils of evolution. A creator of intellect and habit. He adapts and can even create conditions to further his survival. A beast of burdens, who’s power and persistence have moved mountains and built massive cities int he middle of even larger deserts. But at his heart his driving force is love.

Man, he is a love animal. Born in pursuit of that which defines him. That aching desire which reigns supreme in the seat of his soul. He is trapped in loves gravitational pull. Helpless against its draw a slave to its will. He will feast on it wherever it is found. He will drink heartily from its familiar waters. He will erect monuments to it, write songs, and poetry; devoting art to it. He dreams of it and will live and die to feel it. Man is a love animal though and through.

The simplicity of this basic reality is its power for is humanity as a whole decided today to live according to the law of heart much of our suffering and discourse could be eliminated. Too much energy is put into the things that do not satisfy the should as love does. Not money, status or even rock hard abs satiate the deepest part of us as loving or being loved. This transcends all racial and cultural boundaries. If the land where we sow our seeds was love we would all stand on common ground as one species, the love animals.

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