Summer 2017

Working through the heat, it’s times like these where people become far more sensitive to their environment. We seem to wear our emotions on our sleeves when the temperatures get into triple digits.

Holding your tongue in check becomes a battle and patience is thin.

On these days I have to wake up and thank god first for all of my blessings. It’s not what I don’t have but being grateful for all that I do have. Being optimistic, “cup half full” minded is a start but for you to fully take the HOT summer bull by the horns, we all have to arm ourselves with he one weapon available to us all.

When going to war with forces out of our control we must arm ourselves with love and empathy. A sincere appreciation for humanity and the human experience will always protect you from the small petty conflict that originates solely because we are made uncomfortable by something as simple as the changing weather.

Be a man or woman of larger idealism and you’ll separate yourself from the trivial…

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