Your Footprint, Your Legacy

I recently watched the Tupac Resurrection movie. I grew up during those bright years of

Tupac’s short career in the early 90’s. The whole thing was a nostalgic blast from the bast for me and got me thinking of the legacy he left. What his life represented and how he changed the world. Naturally, this led to a moment of introspection where inevitably I had to ask myself about my own legacy or lack there of. How would I be remembered? What would be my lasting footprint on this earth? What does my life represent?

I noticed most of us are watching life pass by, day by day and paying no attention to this perspective. We remember the past, we  live in the present, and we plan for the future. We never concern ourselves with actively constructing a legacy. But I believe we should do just that. If we could embrace this point of view it would greatly affect our decisions and actions today.

All of the people we call great, are called great because of the legacy they left. These men and women who lived for a purpose greater than themselves left a footprint that changed the world.

History reserves a place for men like Che Guevara , Martin Luther King Jr., Steve Jobs, and even Tupac Shakur because they all stood for something. Their very image evokes emotion, their philosophy, and their purpose. Their words and actions spur passion and they represent the best of mankind, our highest thinking. These men and many like them left their imprint in this life and now it is your turn.

Ask yourself; when it is all said and done, when the sun set on your life, what will be said of you? How will you be remembered? What will be your lasting impression?

Your footprint, your legacy.

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